Teaching children and adults Traditional Taekwon-Do and Martial Arts Self Defense in the Burlington, Vermont area for over 42 Years.


Kojo will be closed until further notice for air conditioning and furnace demo and upgrade.  The floor mats are being taken up temporarily so they don't get ruined in the process therefore closed July 17, 18, 19, 20, 2018 and possibly Sat the 21st. Thankyou for your patience.  Friday night testing on the 20th has also been cancelled until the following week.

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(all requirements must be completed one week in advance). 

Colored belt promotions are awarded the following Saturday, at the 9:00 class.


Classes being conducted mornings, noon, afternoons and evenings, six days per week. Over 75 Classes per Month! Take as many classes as you want!  No contracts!

If you have ever given thought to training in a martial art but have had reservations or felt self-conscious, this might be the environment for YOU and NOW is the time to give it a TRY. Stop by and see us or get started now! No experience needed!